That's a great, and important question! First and foremost, we are all about Jesus! Everything we do, and all the decisions we make, are for one thing. To bring Him glory. To read a little more in depth about our beliefs, click here.

Our goal is to teach the same way Jesus did! With love, compassion, and joy. All of what we teach is Gospel driven, and directly from the Bible.

No! We do ask for an offering every Sunday, but that's for those who are followers of Jesus, and for those who call The Call Church their home. 

Maybe you're wondering, "what's up with the juice and crackers?". This is called communion. We do this, usually at the beginning of each month, as a reminder of who Jesus is in our lives and what He did for us on the cross. Again, don't feel like you have to take part in this, as this is also for those who are followers of Jesus and who call The Call Church their home.